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divine destiny

handembroided photographs


The title is misleading. The children in the pictures of “Divine Destiny” don’t have a bright future ahead of them. Belonging to the group of Dalit, the so-called “untouchables”, they are excluded from the Indian caste system already at birth. I met these wonderful kids when traveling in Rajasthan; brief encounters that will forever be engraved in my heart.


Inspired by the 19century artist Ravi Varmâ who developed a technique to make images of Hindi gods affordable to the poor, I embroider my pictures with scraps from old wedding saris which I bought from a muslim woman in Udajphur (but that's another story). 
While stitching and sewing and transforming the children in my photographs into divine beings, I feel very close to them. It happens that I fantasize that I’m about to make a difference in their lives. I even chose to give them names of gods.


But then again, I’m really not trying to save anyone. This work is just my naked reaction on a very disturbing discrimination.




The ongoing project already consists of twelve hand-embroidered photographs printed on FineArt Hahnemühle


+ a stop motion video.


Most of the pictures are 50x70cm.

But some, according to Indian tradition,are miniatures (12 x 16 cm). 

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